Rat City

Rat City is the first in a series of hard-boiled  historical detective novels, written by Curt Colbert, featuring PI Jake Rossiter and his girl Friday, Miss Jenkins.

“A raw, hard-New Rat City Coverboiled time machine back to blue collar Seattle in the ‘40s, with a jolt of Jackson Street jazz that burns when it goes down, like a good slug of rye. Rat City is fly!” Paul de Barros, author of Jackson Street After Hours: The Roots of Jazz in Seattle

Who is Big Ed and why does he want detective Jake Rossiter pushing up daisies? To find out Rossiter—with the help of his able-bodied girl Friday, Miss Jenkins—digs through layers of vice & violence in Seattle’s seamy underbelly until he uncovers a case of corruption & prejudice that pits him toe-to-toe with hysterical dames, out-of-town muscle & the entire Rat City police force!

Curt Colbert  was nominated to a Shamus for Best First Novel in 2001 for Rat City and edited Seattle Noir for Akashic.  Along with writing partner, Waverly Fitzgerald, he also writes a series of humorous mysteries which are published by Kensington under the name Waverly Curtis. Curt and his wife Stephanie live in Mountlake Terrace under the thrall of their cat Esmeralda.

Available in Seattle at Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill, Seattle Mystery Book Shop downtown and the Couth Buzzard in Greenwood. Also available in Lake Forest Park at Third Place Books.

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