Grave Disturbance

coveronlyGrave Disturbance
A Pacific Northwest Mystery
By Martha Crites

Beautifully written, Grave Disturbance evokes the fragile beauty of the Cascades foothills and the precarious balance of the human mind in the grip of fear. The story feels so real you can smell the dirt from the plundered graves. Jeanne Matthews, author of Where the Bones Are Buried, a Dinah Pelerin mystery

As a child, Grace Vaccaro felt responsible for caring for her depressed mother. As an adult, she works as a Mental Health Evaluator—it’s her job to determine when people are in danger and need to be hospitalized. When a paranoid man is found bludgeoned to death on the banks of the Snoqualmie River, Grace wonders if she should have done more to help him. When her neighbor is found dead in the same location, she suspects a connection.

Grace’s search for answers leads her from a Seattle homeless encampment to the rainy forests of the Snoqualmie Valley. The results are never clear. A Mexican immigrant fears deportation and refuses to talk to the police. A Native American elder works to conceal the location of ancestral gravesites.  And a pregnant woman Grace just evaluated is terrified. Are her statements delusional or does she have information leading to the murderer?

As Grace comes closer to the truth, her quiet home is invaded and she is the next target. She must face the killer alone and learn how far she will go to protect herself and others.

headshots-martha-crites-027-finalMartha Crites has worked in community and inpatient mental health for twenty years and taught at the Quileute Tribal School on the Washington coast. She lives with her husband in Seattle. When she isn’t working and writing, you will find her walking or volunteering on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Please visit her at

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